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Keep the Hot Water Running; Get Water Heater Repair Service Near Cedarburg, WI and the Surrounding Areas

Have you noticed that you aren’t getting as much hot water as you should? Have your energy bills suddenly spiked? Has your water heater broken down, and so you need a replacement? If you need water heater repair, installation, or other service, then get in contact with Champion Air. They can provide a wide variety of services to residents of Cedarburg, WI and the surrounding areas. They have over 43 years of experience in the industry; when you work with them, you can be confident the job will be done right.

Trust Champion Air to Assist with a Variety of Needs

Champion Air is able to help with the following:

  • Gas Water Heater Installation (Both Standard and Tankless)
  • Electric Water Heater Installation (Both Standard and Tankless)
  • Water Heater Replacement (Both Standard and Tankless)
  • Water Heater Repair (Both Standard and Tankless)
  • Boiler Installation
  • Boiler Repair
  • Boiler Replacement
  • Boiler Maintenance

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If you want to work with an outstanding company, then give Champion Air a call. Contact them today to receive more information.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Mike has done numerous repairs for myself and my extended family. My A/C unit was out another contractor said the unit needed to be replaced for over $1,000 a mouse chewed a wire 6 years later still working great. $75.00.

    Similar experience with my parents in-laws and sister all had "expensive repairs" fixed for pennies on the dollar from other contractors.
    Does great replacement work when it is needed as well.

    Shane Murphy Avatar
    Shane Murphy

    Furnace stopped working on a really cold day and called Mike and he came right out. Troubleshot it and was able to fix it quickly. Nice guy and great workmanship.

    Ralph Cummings Avatar
    Ralph Cummings

    patrick collins Avatar
    patrick collins
  • I can’t say enough about of service, professionalism and, honest person!!! I have reach out to a local company previously and BIG MISTAKE!!! I can’t stress enough BEST EVER!!!!!

    Wendy Kelley Avatar
    Wendy Kelley

    Mike was really helpful to come in during night and repair our HVAC system. We were really worried being March Winters. Thanks Mike!

    Mitul Rustagi Avatar
    Mitul Rustagi

    Fighter #Jesus Avatar
    Fighter #Jesus
  • Woke up New Years eve morning to a chilly house. Called Mike, and he was here within minutes, diagnosed the problem, then said he'd be in touch as he left.He was able to get the part he needed and had our furnace up and running - with considerable effort - and missing half of the Packer game.Thank you Mike, you made our 24th Anniversary one to remember!

    John Peltier Avatar
    John Peltier

    Mike helped us out in an emergency last fall, we were grateful for his knowledge and service! He just installed our new heating system and we are very happy with the work and service.

    Gina Studelska Avatar
    Gina Studelska

    I have used Champion Air at my business for a very long time. The service is always excellent and the price is right! I strongly recommend using their services!

    Caite Burns Avatar
    Caite Burns
  • My business has been using Mike & Champion Air forover 10 years now. We call him up and consider itDONE !!!I do not have to say anything more !THEY ARE THE BEST !ROBERT

    TOM KENNEDY Avatar

    My AC went down on a 90 degree day. Mike came out in the morning and had me up and running by the afternoon. Super guy. Super service!

    Mike F. Avatar
    Mike F.

    Everything was fine. Thanks for your timely response.

    hale, J. Avatar
    hale, J.
  • Carlos Avatar

    Very quick, affordable service. We called Friday afternoon and by Saturday morning our air conditioner was fixed.

    Generations C. Avatar
    Generations C.

    Deborah K. Avatar
    Deborah K.
  • Mike was very professional and cleaned up during and after completion of the installation
    Our new energy efficient system is running well and we will look forward to our lower operating costs
    He certainly know what he is doing and the experience of his background makes him the right choice

    Collins I. Avatar
    Collins I.

    Mike came and diagnosed the problem and had my cooler back up and running within an hour. We called late on a Friday afternoon and he came after 5pm to help us out. Most people would have pushed us off to a Monday morning appointment.
    Thanks for the great service!

    GROTHS C. Avatar

    Voelker, P. Avatar
    Voelker, P.
  • Mike always responds promptly. His work is "top notch". Mike advocated, to the manufacturer for us, to resolve our furnace problem.
    Thank you.

    Studelska N. Avatar
    Studelska N.

    Lake C. Avatar
    Lake C.

    Mike was awesome, fast and on time. ChampionAir saved us when the part for our furnace had to be ordered and installed within 24 hours. All this while below zero temperatures outside became a major threat to our home, especially when the sun went down.

    Mark M. Avatar
    Mark M.
  • Chsmpion air does a great job

    Cream A. Avatar
    Cream A.

    Over the years Mike has serviced and installed a broad spectrum of HVAC needs for our extended family. After another contractor failed to repair a boiler system in a rental unit; Mike with his expertise was able to properly service the system. Our son welcomed his grandparents into his home during a winter period when they needed proximity to a local hospital. A problem arose when my son needed a cooler environment (68 degrees) for his living on one floor, and the grandparents needed warmer temperatures (+90 degrees) on their level. Rather than incur the substantial costs of having a multi-zone system, Mike came up with a creative and substantially less costly solution! More recently our 30-year old AC unit was having difficulty providing enough cooling for our home. Friends had warned us about their experiences with the costs of upgrading their systems. We know our unit will not last forever, but Mike was able to repair the unit for substantially less cost to comfortably get us through this Summer and early Fall!

    Tom Aschenbrenner Avatar
    Tom Aschenbrenner

    Ashante Hamilton Avatar
    Ashante Hamilton
  • Even better than timely, Mike saved us when others wouldn't. Repair in a pinch. Thank you!

    Rick B. Avatar
    Rick B.

    Everything was fine. Thanks for your timely response.

    Jack H. Avatar
    Jack H.

    Arrived right on time, was very efficient and outstanding in all regards

    Gregory K. Avatar
    Gregory K.
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